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These are my babies: Bear, a black lab/sheperd mix

and Cece, a long haired tabby mix…I love them both like they were my

children and they give me so much love and peace in return..

so of course you will find pet related crafts and links

for your favorites pooch or kitty in my blog…enjoy!




About Me:

I am a crafter at heart and love doing many things in my spare time…

I am irrevocably hooked on creating designs on my Zazzle account and am
absolutely crazy about The Graphics Fairy, where I got the back ground
image for my blog…I love to make jewelry and crafts and also have an
account at one of the best recipe places out there Food.com (as Crazy Crafter –
it used to be called Recipezaar.com). Food.com  allows users to make separate
cookbooks (i.e.desserts, main dishes, soups, etc…), free of charge…it’s a great
site if you have very little ingredients and need a good meal…I love this site
because it offers great recipes you can print, download, share, etc…you can
even publish your recipes for others to share.  I do…

On this blog it is my goal to give to you, the readers, a fun experience…sharing

recipes for  food  health & beauty, and crafts…as well as links to my favorite sites

and some of my own.  I am also, sadly, a huge Gene Simmons Family Jewels junkie,

one of the best shows on T.V., as well as hooked on all the Ghost Hunter series shows

and the like.  I have always had a fascination for the strange and macabre…reading

H.P. Lovecraft stories at bedtime is one of my favorite past times and I am a Harry Potter

fan….just to name of couple of my favorite books and movies.  We’ll get back to me later in

the blog….for now…feel free to  journey through the blog and see what there is to see.

I hope you enjoy your visit..and please feel free to leave me comments.  As this site is still
a work in progress…please excuse the mess 🙂

P.S. Look for the links to above mentioned sites on the next page…and thanks for stopping
by my mess 🙂

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